Creative decluttering for wooing windfalls

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creative decluttering wooing windfalls danielle raine creativity coaching blog

A fun and potentially lucrative tip to support your creative adventures…

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What’s the biggest obstacle between you and the creative life you dream of?

For many of my clients and readers, lack of resources is the one thing they claim is preventing them from creating the work they love.

In particular, a lack of funds or the pressure to earn a living appear to be major obstacles in living the optimum creative life.

So, I’m increasingly sharing all I’ve learned around the topic of money to support more creative fulfilment and happiness.

And today’s tip is designed to harness an unusual creative power in the interests of inviting a little extra financial freedom into your life.


Creative Decluttering for Wooing Windfalls

This is a quirky trick I’ve found for creating (or more accurately co-creating) a lovely surprise windfall or financial miracle.


I’ve noticed that every time I declutter my home, car, office etc…

Money seems to rush in to fill the vacuum.

Which is nice! ?

Sometimes it’s instant – I’ll pick something up to clear it away and I’ll find coins or banknotes on the floor or in pockets.

Sometimes it’s purely logical, I’ll decide to sell something we no longer need and the money comes in that way.

But what happens most often, and what I find the most fun, is the inexplicable, non-linear, magical way to play this game:

Decluttering with the intention of somehow creating/receiving a windfall.

It’s exciting to wonder where the money will come from, what serendipitous circumstances will play out, what financial stars will align to bring my good fortune to me.

Expectation, playfulness, intention, belief, fun – I’ve learned these are the hallmarks of creativity and powerful tools in the creative process, and they appear to apply to money just as much as any other creative project.


Though I say I’ve stumbled upon this fun tactic, it’s actually backed by a decade of money mindset work. (If you’d like to shortcut that route, I share all my best mindset, frequency and wealth consciousness tips in Your Creative Dharma.)

I’m also aware that my belief may well be what creates the fact.

But if so, why not acquire or adopt this windfall-wooing belief?!

And the best way to begin is to try it for yourself.

As an added incentive there are many health, harmony and happiness benefits to living with less clutter.

And if you donate or gift your old belongings, you amplify the benefits and the likelihood that even more good fortune will come your way.

It’s an upward spiral of prosperity, generosity, kindness and miracle money. ?

Plus, it’s fun!

So, I hope this inspires you to dabble with a little creative decluttering this weekend.

Harnessing the power of less as a route to enjoying more.

And I look forward to hearing about your windfalls! 

PS If finances are not the main challenge for your creativity and you’d like to identify what is, I’ve created a quiz to help you discover precisely which remedy will smooth your creative path.

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“Although flow often seems like a source of magic, 

it actually stems initially from order and planning.”

~ Stuart Wilde


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