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Two Little Words…

Do you ever feel stuck in confusion about what to do next?

Do you ever find yourself wondering whose advice to follow?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with so many options, strategies, tactics or paths that you don’t move forward with any of them?

This used to be the theme of my creative life.

I was constantly seeking, or more accurately; desperately craving, the Perfect Solution, the Magic Bullet, the right key to unlock the success and breakthroughs that I knew were just around the corner.

That was until I discovered the power of a simple two-word question.

These two words helped me:

• to stop casting around for something new to try to fix my ‘problems’.

• to stop seeking my answers from everyone else, especially people who didn’t share my values or my dreams.

• to stop focusing on problems (and the downward spiralling of that negative focus).

Would you like to know what these two magic words are?

The short and simple question that helped me to shift my focus, find more clarity, enjoy a new empowered sense of self-referral and the lovely calm confidence that naturally follows is this:

What’s working?

I heard my favourite Brain Trainer Dana Wilde mention this simple technique in one of her webinars and for some reason, this one idea struck a strong chord with me.

A light went on in my mind – I could see how regularly asking this question would trigger a powerful change of focus from the problem to the solution.

What I didn’t expect were the bonus benefits of asking this question daily, even hourly, especially when I began to adapt this question with subtle nuances for even more power and success.

For example, simply tweaking this question to ask, What’s working for me? is surprisingly liberating.

We’re bombarded with so much advice and information, it can be overwhelming and bewildering and you begin to wonder where you belong in all the noise.

But when you keep checking in with your own experience and assessing what’s working for you – there’s less need to wonder or worry about what you should be doing (or not doing) according to someone else’s path or process.

You get crystal clear feedback on what works for you.

There are hundreds of possible routes to success, and the many diverse strategies work differently for different people.

You can never know for sure which ones will be right for you – until you pay more attention to your own results.

When you have real living proof of what really does work for you – in your life, with all its unique challenges and circumstances – you naturally feel less need to look to others for direction.

It’s such a great feeling to be clear on what works.

And no one can tell you that your way is wrong, because you have proof – you are living proof! – that it does work, at least for you.

This blossoming trust in your own experience and judgment is a soul-soothing delight – a triple-whammy of inner calm, clarity and confidence that boost resilience and helps you feel quietly unstoppable.

It’s a powerful addition to any creative path and makes such a difference, not only to your results but also to your quality of life and your enjoyment of the journey.


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Hello Calm Confidence

Of course, there will always be value in learning from others, but when you’re increasingly clear and confident on what does work in your life, you can study others from a position of empowered enquiry rather than desperation and grasping.

All these lovely inner upgrades – just by tuning in and asking this question on a regular basis.

And there’s another happy benefit of this technique.

Asking this question reinforces the encouraging notion that things ARE working!

Can you feel the relief of that?

When you’re up to Difficult Things in the world, these glimmers of hope and optimism can recharge weary hearts.


This train of thought boosts your faith and strengthens your belief in yourself – two mighty mindset upgrades that can turbo-charge your results.

So, if this question is not already a mental habit for you, I invite you to begin playing with it.

It’s so simple, so easy to implement yet it can instantly halt any doubtful, anxious mind chatter and shift your focus to a more powerful and productive direction.

I highly recommend it if you have creative dreams or ambitions of any kind.

I have become so hooked on this question and its magical results that I’ve developed some advanced versions and devoted a number of modules to these techniques throughout Your Creative Dharma.

These super-simple upgrades can help you overcome resistance and train your mind to become a success-seeking mechanism, automagically developing the habit of joyfully creating the work and life that calls you.

(Joyful success, expression and purpose are what Your Creative Dharma is all about. 🙂 )

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So, I hope you’ll try it this powerful question – and see if it works for you! 

And as always, I’d love to hear how you get on.

With gratitude to Dana Wilde for sparking this idea, here’s to more of what’s working and the happy side-effects of clarity, confidence and calm.

PS If you’d like more of these simple ways to create more happiness and success in your creative life, I’ve compiled all my favourites in my latest labour of love; Your Creative Dharma.

You can read the story behind it and get the free Intro ebook here.


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