A Midyear Moment: The benefits of a mid year review

The perfect time for a seasonal reboot;
revitalise your creative magic with a mid year review virtual retreat.

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The Mid Year Review: A creative reboot

The turning of the seasons is always a good time to reflect on how the year is going.

The mid-point of our yearlong journeys is a particularly potent time to take a moment to pause, take stock and maybe explore some kind of energetic reboot.

If you’ve been feeling called to devote a little time to some kind of mid year review, I’ve created a little something to help you. 

But first, what are the benefits of this kind of halfway-point appraisal?

Allow me to share the creative magic of what I call A Midyear Moment…


“Regularly take an inventory of your strengths and achievements.”

The Benefits of a Mid Year Moment

One of my favourite recommendations for making the most of the second half of the year is what I call a Midyear Moment.

This is a conscious, considered, and intentional pause to review and assess what’s working, as well as to check in with those shiny hopes and dreams you envisioned in the New Year season.

While it may seem unproductive to stop halfway and look around, it can actually be a strategy for enjoying the aha moments and realisations that can fast-track your progress throughout the rest of the year.

Or as Michael Bungay Steiner, author of Do More Great Work puts it…

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This quote is from a post I wrote almost a decade ago – prompted by a family drama that forced me to take some time out to reassess.

And the insight I shared back then has evolved to become one of my favourite life lessons:

How downing tools for a while can be highly productive. 

Besides, as one of the 1980s most unlikely sages so wisely says… 


Support for your Midyear Moment

So, if you’re feeling ready for a productive pause in your yearlong journey, I’ve designed a process to guide you in making your Midyear Moment even more effective, not to mention, joy-clarity-&-confidence-boosting

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Mid Year Review & Renew 2024

A Virtual Mid Year Retreat – Designed for Creatives

Ten 10 inspiring prompts and practices to guide your midyear reboot.

If it would feel good to take some time to assess where you are, what you’ve achieved, and where you want to go next…

If you’d like to play some fun games that naturally boost your confidence,
clarity and inner calm…

If you’d love to feel more positive about the past and more inspired about the future…

…I created Review & Renew for you.

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Proven principles and inspiring practices

The tools and practices in this short series include some of the best self-coaching techniques I’ve gathered over my decades of studying and experimenting with the challenges of a creative life.

With so much proof of how potent they are, I revisit them often, and they invariably lead to exciting new insights, as well as a boost of feelgood optimism.

(SUCH a great ally for any creative.)

These are proven techniques for more success and more joy in the journey.

Some are ancient principles.

Some are based on the latest science.

All are designed to help you enjoy more flow, ease, and inspiring completion in the months ahead.

So, if you’d like to follow Michael’s excellent advice and take some time to size things up, I hope you’ll explore these powerful tools for your Midyear Moment.

Wishing you a wonderful solstice season,

danielle raine creativity coach

PS To celebrate this potent time of year, the course also includes;

• Complimentary access to The Success Magnet Formula 

• A September Coaching Check-In

Because I want you to feel fully supported and supercharged, once you’ve found all that lovely new clarity and inspiration during the powerful Review & Renew processes. 

It’s designed to be a gift that keeps on giving, to help you transform your results and direction over the next six months, and beyond.

So, if now feels like the perfect time for an inspiring and re-energising midyear reboot, you can find out more about the benefits for your creative happiness and success here:

Explore Review & Renew 2024

“If you are ready,
it is now time for a change,
a new way, a better way.”

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For a Midyear Moment…

to assess & review.

Midyear Review Renew Virtual Workshop for Creatives

An online guided Mid Year Review
to help you reboot your creativity for the year ahead. 

• Identify the lessons and blessings of the past six months 

• Map out an inspiring vision for the next six months 

• Feel empowered to go after your happiest version of success

{ Review & Renew is included in both of my All Access Programmes. }

If you feel pulled towards this or another of Danielle’s courses don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet.

I can’t even put it into words how much you will get out of them.

It’s a wonderful, fun and enlightening experience.”

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“There’s magic in reflection .


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