Benefits of meditation for creativity

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What are the benefits of meditation for creativity?

You may have considered, or may already be practising, meditation as a tool for mental or physical wellness.

The benefits for body and mind have been known and revered in Eastern cultures for millennia, and the modern world is also waking up to the many ways meditation can be a vital and effective ingredient of a healthy, happy life.

But how can meditation help us creatively?

Firstly, being healthy and happy is a strong foundation for successful creative living in general.

We’re more able to devote time, energy, and focus to our art if we’re free from health struggles or psychological stresses.

But there are also specific ways in which a practice of meditation can enhance and support our creative projects, visions, and goals.

Some kind of meditative or quiet practice is one of the first things I recommend to my coaching clients because I’ve seen firsthand the positive effects it can have on creative living – effects such as increased clarity, inner calm, a stronger self-image, a new energised vitality and urge to create.

I am a huge advocate of developing some kind of enjoyable and doable meditation practice – it has transformed my own life, both creatively and personally. I highly recommend exploring the many different types and modalities until you find the one that works best for you – one that you will enjoy and practice regularly.

And to inspire you to adopt or enhance a meditation practice as a boost to your creative life, here are just a few of the ways meditation can boost creativity. 

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1. Creative courage

Meditation can help to reduce the natural fears and doubts that come up as part of any creative path, for example, the very human concerns of criticism, rejection, and failure.

A regular meditation practice will enhance feelings of inner calm, helping to cultivate more confidence and courage. Over time, these shifts will naturally increase self-belief and reduce the voice of doubt that can stop many creatives from doing the work they love.


2. Increased inspiration

In scientific terms, regular meditation has measurable and long-lasting effects on our brains and neural pathways. Some of these effects are linked to increased creativity and the generation of new ideas.

In spiritual terms, meditation connects us with the realm of infinite intelligence – the source of all creation. As we become more accustomed to accessing this guidance, we more readily receive divine downloads, insights, inspiration and the creative breakthroughs that can supercharge our visions, goals, and dreams.

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3. Deeper meaning

Our minds alter over time as a result of a meditation practice – we adopt a calmer, less reactive approach to everyday life. We’re likely to be less troubled or obsessed with minor dramas, petty worries, futile battles or other people’s business.

This leaves space in our minds and our schedules for the deeper issues that are truly meaningful to us, like our purpose, our values, our creative talents and expression.


4. New perspectives

As meditation helps us to view the world with less attention to the drama and chaos, we gradually begin to notice and focus on different things.

Our eyes open to fresh perspectives, new ways of seeing the world. Our minds become primed to see and notice the beauty, mystery, and magic all around us. This is the realm of creative insights and genius inspiration and it’s available to us all, at all times. A meditation practice can help us to connect with it more easily and more often.

“Taking time to daydream or meditate will more than make up for the ‘lost’ time in renewed energy & creativity.” 

~ Frank Kinslow


5. Mindful living

Meditation encourages a less frantic, more mindful and present approach to life.

When we slow down, not only do we tend to enjoy and appreciate our lives more (which itself can be a powerful creative boost), but we are also more likely to notice the inspiration all around us, to appreciate the miraculous in the everyday.

This mindful approach to life is infinitely inspiring and revitalising, allowing you to enjoy a fresh new creative energy that leads to new ideas, awareness, and creations.


6. Quiet power

There are many modes of meditation, but a key ingredient of most of them is a degree of silence or solitude. This calm and alert mental state is renowned for creative insights and breakthroughs.

So, it makes sense that meditation can be conducive to inspiration and higher levels of creativity – the quiet, relaxed periods create a chance for the genius mind to be heard.

On a personal level, I can vouch for the power of quiet – my meditative practices regularly result in new solutions or exciting new insights.

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Tht Three Levels of Benefits

These are just a few of the ways that meditation can support creative living.

It can become a support system that works for you on three levels:

• Go-To Remedy

Meditation can be a powerful and effective go-to remedy when you need inspiration or a shift in perspective.

• Long-term boosts

A practice of regular meditation can create long-term benefits that boost your creativity – and these benefits increase over time.

Experience & awareness

• As a route to accessing and enjoying the magic and miracles of your human experience – your ultimate creative project.

I hope these insights will inspire you to include some meditative practices in your creative work and daily life – and I’d love to hear how they work out for you.

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