The benefits of email coaching

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What is email coaching?

With email coaching, there are no phone calls or appointments.

We connect and correspond via email – a little like pen pals, but with 2 key differences:

1 Our ‘letters’ are focused purely on you and your creative aspirations.

2 I bring a wealth of expertise on the creative process and living the creative life.
(I have lots of tips and tricks to help you move past those pesky creative blocks…)

For centuries, great ideas, creations and relationships have emerged from fine art of letter-writing.

Email coaching continues this wonderful tradition.

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How does email coaching work?

We begin with an in-depth questionnaire – I call it, The You Review.

We explore your challenges, your hopes and dreams, your preferences and your creative ambitions.

Then we correspond via email, exploring those challenges and supporting your intentions.

This work is 1:1 private coaching.

In our email sessions, you are my VIP.

You have my full devotion and attention. My coaching, guidance and recommendations are tailor-made for you and your life, with all its unique challenges and circumstances.

You can choose to work on a single issue or a particular project. Or you can focus on whatever is calling you or tugging at your soul. 

The choice is yours.

When we are nearing the end of our time together, I create a plan for you to continue to enjoy your newfound creative assets on your own.

Is email coaching right for you?

If you’d rather write out your thoughts and ideas…

If you have more than enough scheduled appointments in your life…

If you love to reflect and muse over your responses…

If phone or in-person coaching is not for you…

If you prefer to get help as soon as issues or challenges crop up…

If you like the idea of having a dedicated creativity expert just an email away…

Then I believe you will LOVE coaching via email. (Just like I do.)

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But does email coaching work? • • 


From my clients and my 30 year study of the creative process, I’ve learned that written correspondence is a powerful mode of coaching for creatives.

Here’s one of my wonderful clients with her experience and results from our email coaching sessions…

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The benefits of email coaching

Here are just a few of the many reasons why I LOVE email coaching:

1. Creative expression

Emailing is writing – a form of expression that’s good for warming up creative muscles, as well as helping to clarify thoughts and feelings.

And these benefits apply to everyone – not just writers.

There is magic in writing things down, vague ideas become more tangible and concrete.

When we write, we tap into a part of our hearts and minds that we don’t use when we speak. 

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2. Convenience & flexibility

Email coaching is not limited by location or time-zone.

My clients live all over our beautiful planet, with the freedom to reach out at a time and place that fits with their lifestyle. 

Email is also perfect for over-scheduled or busy people, who don’t want yet another fixed appointment to schedule and stick to, or who like to be free to choose the time of day that suits them best.

This aspect can appeal to people who would’t otherwise pursue coaching.

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3. A written record

When coaching is conducted via email, there is a paper trail of progress, breakthroughs and ahas. 

It’s even possible to compare the tone of early emails to later ones – to see a visible transformation. 

Plus, both myself and my clients have a record of struggles overcome – which is great for instilling a success mindset.

I can also use these records to build up a library of wisdom and experience to strengthen my skills and service. 

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4. Courage

We all have an email persona, that virtual person we are at one remove, behind the safety of a screen. 

For some of us more introverted-types, this means we can open up a little more, be a little braver than we can in face-to-face situations or over the phone.

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5. Alternative coaching style

Email allows time for more considered answers. 

I can pose a question or spark an idea and then let it ‘percolate’. 

There are times when the first thought is the best, truest, most instinctive – and there’s no reason why these can’t be relayed via email.

But there are also times when a more considered approach leads to better results.

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6. Journalling benefits

Written correspondence often leads to many of the same benefits as journalling. 

With written updates and responses, my clients are able to vent, explore and crystallise the jumble of thoughts and feelings that arise during the creative process. 

It helps them to open up, and can even help to soothe the nervous system. 

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7. Language clues

With written responses, it becomes easier to notice the language a client uses, which can give useful insights into how best to help and respond.

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8. Intuitive direction

My email coaching work often feels like an intuitive reading.

In the calm and quiet of my workspace, I can more easily tune in to my intuition and sense inspired nudges as to which aspects to focus on or explore, as well as any suggestions, ideas and resources that would be perfect to share. 

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9. On demand access

How often do the inevitable wobbles and crises align perfectly with  a coaching appointment? 

With email coaching, my clients can get all their concerns, questions and frustrations out of their head and into an email, as they occur. 

They don’t need to wait for the next coaching appointment to express what they’re going through.

And quite often, the mere act of describing the issue can help them see for themselves potential solutions and next steps to explore as they await a response.  

Again, the process of ‘venting’ – in the moment – can be incredibly soothing and therapeutic. 

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10. Optimum coaching

As a busy mum with a noisy family – email works really well for me too. 😉

With the freedom to schedule my coaching at optimum times, I can ensure that my clients always receive my best energies, complete attention and uninterrupted focus. 

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So, that’s why I love email coaching!

Of course, there are pros and cons to all types of coaching, and I believe each has a place.

But one thing I’ve seen over and over again…

Two minds working together can create powerful synergy and breakthroughs – regardless of the medium or physical distance.

Email coaching can be a productive, enjoyable and fulfilling route to this meeting of minds – as well as a relaxed, fun and flexible experience for my clients.

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Danielle Raine Creativity Coach

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SINCE 1993

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If email coaching sounds like a good fit for you, I’d love to support you in your creative life and work. (Because creatives need a special kind of support.)

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There are two ways we can work together;

1:1 Private Coaching

I have a range of programmes designed to support the many and varied challenges of creative living. These are all offered exclusively as Email Coaching packages.

You can find out more here:

Hybrid Online Coaching Courses

Over the years I’ve discovered a kind of hybird format that blends the benefits of a self-paced online course with the support experiene of email coaching.

You can find out more here:

Danielle expertly helps you get out of your own way,
overcome resistance and embrace the joy of creativity. 

It’s surprisingly straightforward, really effective, and fun. 

It’s changed the way I write, and the way I live. 

I was surprised by how holistic it was,
and how adopting a creative practice changes your entire life.

Laura Burgoine, writer + broadcaster

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