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In Week 2 of Your Creative Dharma, we explore the power of affirmations and how to do them the right way for you

(So they actually work, and work effortlessly
– without stress and strain).

These are some of the suggested affirmations, mantras and soul reminders from this digital dharma journey. 

Feel free to pin, print, share and affirm as inspired. 

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Imagine if what you love to do

is what you’re meant to do…


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Your Creative Dharma affirmation receive success deserve
Your Creative Dharma seek & you will find affirmation
Your Creative Dharma affirmation i am a powerful cocreator
Your Creative Dharma affirmation all creation is cocreation light burst orange background
Your Creative Dharma affirmation I serve I deserve denise duffield thomas

More dharma quotes & mantras from Your Creative Dharma

Your Creative Dharma quote joseph murphy affirmation do what you love to do
Your Creative Dharma how to be successful believe you are copy
life loves me affirmation your creative dharma quotes

“Everyone has a dharma, or purpose in life.

~ Deepak Chopra

Explore the full collection of dharma quotes

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Discover your sweet spot of creative fulfilment, commercial success & life purpose… 

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your creative dharma :

1. A uniquely-perfect-for-you blend of creative expression and purpose and success and joy.

2. A digital journey for soul-seeking creatives.

3. A 5-week online course & support programme.

What is Your Creative Dharma?

I believe ‘right livelihood’ is one of the essential markers of living well, a vital ingredient of The Good Life.

And if you feel the same, I created this online course for you.

It’s a digital journey to guide you in discovering the 4 pillars of Your Creative Dharma.

13 years of studying the principles of Right Livelihood transformed into a series of simple tools and mindset games.

I’ll also be sharing my 5  F Formula for aligning with your Dream Career:

The most joyful, lucrative creative expression that serves your fellow humans. 

You can explore the full course curriculum here, or help yourself to the free Intro ebook below… 

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Hi! I’m Danielle. 

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SINCE 1993

A joy-based vision of career clarity. 

For purpose-driven creatives.

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Imagine if what you love to do
is what you’re meant to do…

Align your career with the creative expression that is uniquely perfect for you.

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