Affirmations for creativity

Affirmations for creativity danielle raine creativity coaching blog

Affirmations for creativity

{ Book extract from Tonics For Your Creative Spirit

Using affirmations can be a powerful way to improve our self-image and success habits. But did you know they can also be a great way to boost your creativity?

Our mindsets play a crucial role in how we prioritise our creative needs, as well as how much confidence and courage we feel as we pursue our creative goals.

So, crafting a supportive mindset is vital if creative living is important to you.

One of the most powerful tools for reinforcing a mindset that supports our goals and visions is the mighty combination of positive focus, repetition and the spoken word – also known as; affirmations.

If you’ve had mixed results from affirmations in the past, I have discovered a few subtle tweaks that can help bypass the resistance or inner conflict that can sometimes be triggered.

But first, to inspire you to explore (or revisit) affirmations as a support mechanism for your creative life, here are a few of the ways they can support your creativity. 

The Benefits of Affirmations for Creativity

Confidence & Self-belief

Your sense of self, your self-image, and confidence all affect which actions you take, and which ones you resist or avoid.

You may have a fantastic idea for a book or film or collection, but if you don’t have the confidence, courage or even just the curiosity to ‘lean into it’, it may never get past the idea stage.

Affirmations can help you build the self-belief you need to take those all-important  Inspired Actions.

 • • • 

Creative Flow

Repeating an inspiring or empowering mantra can help to boost flagging creative spirits.

Alternatively, you could do a Power Chant; read out or make up a whole range of powerfully positive phrases that uplift and inspire you and get you back into flow.

Just a minute or two of focusing on the right phrases can work miracles on your mood and frame of mind. And when you’re feeling energised and inspired, you can more easily get back into your flow zone.

 • • • 

The Power of Intention

Intention is a powerful force. When you decide to use affirmations to support your creative life, that’s a declaration that your creativity is important to you.

Your subconscious, muse, the universe, the divine – whoever you feel is supporting and guiding you when you create – that force seems to notice your intention and responds favourably.

We don’t need to completely understand the mysteries of creativity to harness its magic, and intention seems to have a power of its own. 

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• • •

We are all creative beings. I am a creative being.

I believe I can become even more creative.

I love feeling creative and expressing myself.

I love exploring my creative talents.

I am improving my creative skills all the time.

I love feeling called to a creative life.

I believe I have creative gifts and talents to share.

I believe I have creative potential.

I like the idea of being my best creative self.

Being creative makes me happy.

I’m grateful for my creative talents.

I’m excited to see what I can create
as I explore my gifts and talents.

I love spending time doing creative activities.

I love to write/dance/sing/act/design/play music…

I love the idea of having more time for my art.

I love the idea of having more creative confidence
and courage.

I believe I have undiscovered gifts and potential.

I like imagining success in my creative projects.

I am grateful that I get to spend time with my creative work.

I feel good when I create.

My creative time is valuable and worthwhile.

Expressing my creativity makes me a nicer human.

I like to value and nurture my creative self.

Creativity is good for me.

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Which creative affirmations are right for you?

Given that our inner worlds and belief systems are so vastly varied, it’s unlikely that any affirmation will work equally for everyone.

So, how do you decide which ones are right for you?

After many years of studying and experimenting with these potent tools, here are my suggestions for selecting the versions that will be most effective and enjoyable for you:

Choose your favourites

Choose whichever phrases feel exciting to you.

Go with your heart, not your head. Begin to trust that inner wisdom that doesn’t always make logical sense – this is the realm of inspiration and higher guidance.

Pick the ones that make you smile, that make you feel excited to get to your favourite creative activity. Enthusiasm is a creative force!

 • • • 


Try them all! See which ones resonate or stick. Notice if any trigger feelings of resistance – if so, just move on. See if you can find some that create feelings of relief or a sense of Yes!

You may find that one gets in your head and keeps playing on loop – and if it makes you feel happy and creative, let it play!

 • • • 

Get to know your type

Do you prefer the bold and definitive ‘I am’ phrases?

Or do you like the gentler (yet still effective,) ‘I love the idea of…’

The advantage of the latter is that your critical mind can’t dispute the reality of an idea, so it’s less likely to object, allowing the affirmation to be more easily accepted as a new inspiring focus in your life.

 • • • 

Tap as you go

If you’re a fan of Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), you can always tap along as you affirm your favourite phrases.

This way, any subconscious objections are automatically cleared as you implant the new, more supportive ideas and beliefs.

 • • • 

Monitor changes

Over the days ahead, be alert to any interesting new thoughts or a new boldness for taking action.

Check back in with the list to see if any have become assimilated into your mindset – they will feel natural and true.

Review which style of affirmation works best for you.

 • • • 

Design your own affirmations

Use the list above as a starting point but feel free to refine the perfect lines for you – the ones that excite you and which you can say without feeling any tension or inner voices of objection.

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Your creativity affirmations success

Affirmations have been scientifically proven to rewire the neural pathways in the brain – pathways that play a powerful role in our thoughts, habits, and behaviours.

But all the theory and proof in the world is no match for your own experience, so it’s worth a little trial and error to uncover which approach is the best fit for you.

Finding the technique that works for you, the one that creates undeniable results in your life, will empower you to design a mindset that supports whatever wonderful creative goals and visions you want to bring to life.

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Or you can enjoy some of the affirmations inspired by the course material here.

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