28 Abundance Mindset tips & investment lessons I learned from Merge Dragons

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“Play is the highest form of research.”

~ Albert Einstein


Merge Dragons & The Power of Play

Ever since I discovered the creative power of play, I’ve paid more attention to the fun games and puzzles I enjoy in my free time. (I LOVE puzzles.)

My latest favourite is the charming Merge Dragons, which is essentially a simple matching game – or so I thought…

It turns out Merge Dragons has lots of layers and positive undertones, such as healing the land with love and the benefits of evolution.

Like most online games, there are points to be won and coins to be earned, as well as endless levels to keep us players coming back for more.

After a couple of weeks of playing Merge Dragons, I noticed that it was also teaching me some subtle but inspiring lessons about the nature of abundance and savvy investment strategies.

This was such a happy realisation, because I can now while away my playtime knowing that I am not just relaxing with a fun game but also uplevelling my wealth consciousness and money mindset. Win!

And so I share these lessons with you, in case you also are smitten with Merge Dragons, or you’re looking for a playful way to learn basic investment principles and open up to a more abundant worldview.

Who says only children can learn through play?


abundance mindset investment lessons i learned merge dragons game

Abundance mindset & investment lessons I learned from Merge Dragons

1. It’s much easier to win the game when you know the rules.

• • •

2. It’s good to spend money on things that will spit money out every now and then.

• • •

3. You don’t have to do everything yourself. 

• • •

4. Things that seemed impossible on your own suddenly feel more doable when you have support.

• • •

5. When you set things up to run without you, you can take a break while your system keeps growing your treasure. 

• • •

6. You play the game differently when you know some resources are infinitely available. 

• • •

7. As you become more advanced, so do your ambitions. There’s always another goal to aim for.

• • •

8. Sometimes space is more valuable than riches.

• • •

9. Your needs change over time. What you craved in the beginning become less important as you get better at the game.

• • •

10. The game is most fun when it’s not too easy and not too hard.

• • •

11. The more you have, the more you have to manage.

• • •

12. Playing the game is often more fun than winning the prize.

• • •

13. Even when things look impossible, there’s always something you can do.

• • •

14. Saving pennies on a regular basis can make a big difference over time.

• • •

15. It’s nice when free gifts and opportunities float in out of the blue. This happens all the time, once you start to notice.

• • •

16. Nature gives, ceaselessly.

• • •

17. When you cultivate assets that regularly and reliably produce valuable fruit, you no longer need to worry about funding.

• • •

18. Once you know how to create as much money as you need, your focus shifts – you start looking for more exciting projects and games that are about more than just making money.

• • •

19. When you have the right assets, money is a renewable resource.

• • •

20. Income-producing assets are a good thing to spend your money on.

• • •

21. There’s always a new level of the game to discover. 

• • •

22. With just a little education and daily attention, you can make really good progress over time. 

• • •

23. It pays to delegate. And mastering the art of delegating well, pays really well. 

• • •

24. Progressing to the next level is exhilarating. A whole new world of opportunity opens up to you.

• • •

25. Not everything you have is worth keeping.

• • •

26. Somethings are more valuable over time, somethings are less valuable over time. The game is discerning the difference. 

• • •

27. It feels good to heal the land. 

• • •

28. Sometimes you need money, sometimes you need power.

Sometimes you need patience, sometimes you need love.

And sometimes you just need more dragons.  

• • •

I hope you enjoy these lessons learned from my productive play.

Let me know if they help you make your fortune in investing, or boost your appreciation of the abundance all around us, or even just have a little more fun at playtime. 🙂

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PS If you’d like further fun financial insights from my playful adventures, take a look at this beautiful concept of Dharma Wealth.

If you’re a fellow purpose-driven creative, you’ll LOVE this soul-led investment strategy…

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