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This post is an extract from the

A to Z
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An Alphabet of Inspiration

This post is an extract from my free series designed for creatives; An A to Z of Creativity Boosters.

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Creativity & Zzzz…

It’s time to begin our Alphabet of Inspiration, and our very first Creativity Booster starts with…Z. 

Yes, that’s right. 

Partly because the creative spirit loves to break from convention, exploring the unexpected and shaking things up a little. (#maverick)

The main reason, though, is because I believe that one of the most potent and effective creativity boosters is upgrading your sleep life. 

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Getting creative with selfcare

Creativity is energy. 

And your creative energy, access to inspiration, even the drive you have to create, these are all intrinsically linked to your physical energy. 

Maybe you’ve experienced this? 

Perhaps you’ve found yourself with the luxury of the precious time and space you need to tend to your beloved creative projects, and yet you just felt too tired, drained, exhausted or depleted to dive in with any kind of quality energy or inspiration. 

Lack of energy can be at the root of many creative struggles, and so I’ve learned that one of the best investments we can make in our creative life is to tend to our sleep life. 

So to provide the best foundation for this series of creativity boosters, we’re starting with those all important Zzzzzz. 

Creativity Booster Tip: Z

Review your sleep life, and give some thought to any simple ways you could improve it. 

All you need to do is ponder the idea with an open mind.

Maybe it’s going to bed earlier but maybe it’s not – perhaps an afternoon nap would be a great solution for you. 

Or maybe you could restructure your mornings to allow for a spot of creative snoozing. (This is one of my personal favourites and can be such a potent time for inspired magic.?) 

Or maybe you could just ensure better quality sleep by cutting out late-night toxins or moving more during the day. 

Explore the resources below and see which snag your curiosity. 

Trusting and following your curiosity or enthusiasm is an excellent practice for reconnecting with your creative self, so begin now with a double whammy of benefits: following your intuition and exploring better sleep life. 

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Dive deeper…

If you’d like to dive deeper with this idea, here are some more musings on the link between sleep and creative happiness: 

The Creative Power of Naps

Hitting the snooze button: A Creative Morning Practice

Lucid dreaming: The answer to creative blocks?

Have fun! 

I’ll be back soon with another letter from your Alphabet of Inspiration. 

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PS If you’d like to watch me present this idea (virtually) in person, as part of this series you can access a sneak peek of an interview I did as part of a creativity conference, where I share more about this week’s recommendation. 

And if you’d like more holistic tips for a happier creative life, take a look at the free samples over in The Muse Spa.

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Prioritise your Zzzzzz! 

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