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Would you like more inspiration for your creative life?

Continuing our theme of Muse Clues from last week, I have another simple-yet-potent tip to share with you, to help you enjoy more of that lovely life-enhancing flow of inspired ideas and creative breakthroughs.

Because in my decades-long study of the nature of inspiration, I’ve identified a number of tell-tale signs…

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Muse Clues

Did you know there are recognisable hallmarks that can help you to identify the muse’s handiwork?

(The Muse is the persona I give to the source of inspired ideas – I find it makes it much easier to work with this power when I can relate to her as a kind of archetype. You can find more on this fascinating topic here if you’d like to get to know your Muse – I promise you have one!)

Over the years, I’ve seen how these Muse Clues can be extremely helpful – because inspiration can sometimes be very subtle.

This subtlety is no reflection of the power of these quiet messages – an inspired idea at the right moment can literally be a lifesaver.

Yet in our busy modern lives, we may need to hone our senses, to be more alert to the quiet whisperings that can save us so much time, effort or heartache.

Because I wholeheartedly believe that inspiration makes everything easier. (And more fun. 🙂 )

And cultivating our access to this ever-present source of magic is well-worth our time and attention.


So, if you’d like to nurture your relationship with your best insights, ideas and inspiration – here’s a phrase to look out for;

Why didn’t I think of that before?

This commonplace phrase is usually uttered with an element of baffled surprise, and perhaps the odd facepalm. 

But on closer examination, I believe that you’ll see how it’s usually a result of an inspired nudge – a moment of connection to the source of all ideas.

Because, if you think about it, the idea was there all the time.

So why didn’t you think of it before?

It’s such a great question!


• • • 


Creative shifts; what changed?

It can be really helpful to take a moment to ponder over what had to change or shift in your thinking before this chink of illumination could come through.

• Maybe you had to stop ruminating over the problem before your creative mind could get to work.

• Or maybe you needed to simply relax a little, so that your nervous system could support your cognitive processes.

• Or maybe you had to shift your energy with movement, music, beauty, nature or expression.

When you notice the process of your inspired ideas, you can then play at reverse-engineering the magic.

With a little time and attention, you can identify your unique patterns, your personal path to inspiration.

And when you know how the mysteries of inspired wisdom tend to play out for you – in your life and your unique circumstances – you can then practice wooing that mysterious force more proactively.

Imagine that; cultivating the skill of inspiration on-demand!

Imagine how that skill could help your creative endeavours…

Imagine how that skill could help you with all aspects of your life…

And it all begins with being on the lookout for a few simple clues and hallmark phrases.

Such as, Why didn’t I think of that before…?

• • •

Daily Prompts: Boost your creative intuition

I hope this insight is helpful for you in harnessing the ever-present support system that is the source of inspiration. #hellomuse

And if you’d like some guidance and simple tricks for cultivating this powerful, magical and delightful force in your life, I highly recommend these short-&-sweet daily prompts, designed especially for creatives.

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Wishing you a wealth of fun and delightful surprises as you get to know your muse!
It’s a relationship that can truly change your life. 

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PS Another way to hone your creative intuition is this fun little game I shared with you a few weeks ago – more details here if you missed it:


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