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A bespoke series of 10-seconds-a-day Daily Prompts –

designed for creatives.

message from your muse daily prompts for creatives

Imagine if you could receive a short, inspiring and curiously-perfect nudge from your muse – your creative mind – on a daily basis.

• • • 

And imagine how these quick daily nudges could shift your focus, open up new perspectives and spark new ideas.

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This is what can happen when you check in daily with your muse.

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a message from your muse


• • • 

 A sequence of  short and very sweet nudges

on behalf of your muse.

Boost your intuition and creative flow in just 10 seconds a day.

In this Daily Email Series, we harness the power of short, daily doses to not only reconnect you to your muse, but also to get her to hang around more often.

(Because everything is so much easier when you’re inspired.)

These daily nudges are deceptively simple, they take approximately 10 seconds to read, and that’s it!

The magic then goes to work behind the scenes as you go about your day.

But their power lies in their subtlety and in the repeated daily focus on a meaningful goal; your creative wellbeing.

They harness the power of momentum and are fuelled by repetition, the language of the subconscious mind.

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Designed to reconnect you to your creative spirit so quietly and subtly

that your resistance doesn’t even get a look in.

A Unique Series of Daily Prompts for Creatives

Based on The Muse Spa system of creative thriving, these daily prompts are designed to deliver immediate and exciting results – lovely benefits like;

Creative flow

• Increased energy

• Enhanced intuition

• And a calm, inner confidence

 The entire series is carefully crafted to spark new insights, trigger new thought patterns and encourage new habits and activities that will support and enhance your creative life.

They also incorporate an often neglected channel of creative inspiration:

The serious business of fun!

Like a paper trail from your muse, these lighthearted hints, games and invitations will reconnect you to the joy and excitement of your creative spirit, rekindling the spark that first drew you to the creative life.

You’ll rediscover the creative and inspiring power of pure playfulness and pleasure.

You’ll begin to reignite your spark and rediscover your flow.

“What I loved about my daily Message from My Muse was how she somehow managed to say exactly what I needed to hear that day!

It wasn’t always a directly obvious correlation but as my day would go by I would see how the message connected me to what I needed to do, or how it pulled me out of a rut or simply gave me a moment to breathe and take a step back – which might sound like a very simple task but it’s one that is incredibly powerful when your day always seems to be running past you.

Thank you, Danielle!” 

Dana Dinnawi

The Hormone Coach

A quick, fun and easy route to creative flow and inspired living.


message from your muse daily prompts for creatives

Powered by fast-acting daily doses of muse magic.

PRICE: £22*

(Or FREE with the Creative Well Membership)

Click SIGNUP to pay via PayPal and receive immediate access to the first message from your muse.

*In numerology, the Number 2 represents intution, receptivity & partnership. 

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Powerful. Magical. Fun. 

The way creativity should be.

“I’m forever grateful that you have introduced me to writing poems.

Something I would have never tried nor even thought about trying. 

Cheers to that and more wonderful ideas and especially finished projects.

To a never-ending connection  🙂 ”

Susanne Kurz

Inspirational Sewing Instructor, Be Amazed

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