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Ready to prioritise your creative career and carve a soul-soothing path to your happiest success?

This will help you get there faster & enjoy the journey >

The Evolution of a Creative Career

In my mission to help you enjoy your dream Creative Career ASAP, I’d love to share what I learned on the bumpy path to mine.

It all began with an Art School Epiphany in 1993….

If you’d like the full scoop, I share the story in this post, or you can watch a short video where I tell the tale in an interview.

But here’s the short version:

This obsession – over 30 years of studying, practicing and experimenting with the creative life – has helped me to learn and understand a vast range of simple tips and tricks for making the process, and the entire creative journey, easier and more fun. 

And I love nothing more than to share these insights with lovely like-minded creatives like you.

In 2014, I made it official and trained to become a Creativity Coach, working 1:1 with a wide range of writers, artists, designers, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

The kind of people who have a vision for the creative life that they can’t resist, despite the challenges.

As you can imagine, this work taught me even more about what works and what doesn’t, what makes things better and what can reinforce the struggles.

Helping these creative heroes has been an honour, privilege, and blessing, as well as a wonderful learning experience.

So, of course, I had to package what I’ve discovered along this joyful journey.

And for the last 10 years, I’ve been pouring my top insights and discoveries into my courses, setting them up in a beautiful online platform that I call Creative Well.

These digital journeys are designed to help with the many varied aspects of creative living, such as;

• Finding your creative career sweet-spot

• Accessing inspiration

• Wellness as a creative tool

• Clearing resistance, anxiety and fear

• Enjoying the flow state, more easily and more often

• Getting clear on purpose, meaning and what really matters

• Cultivating confidence and self-belief

• Creativity as a spiritual practice

• Becoming more magnetic to success

Knowing the value of your unique work

I’m sure you’ve learned, as I have, that a varied range of remedies are required at different points on any creative journey.

Which is why my favourite thing to share with the creatives in my world is access to ALL the courses I’ve created.

If you are up to wonderful things in the world, or even if you just dream of getting started, I want you to have access to everything I’ve got that can help you.

Which brings me to my news….

{Drumroll, please!}


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Introducing… The New Creative Well Membership

Imagine if you had access to all of the above support systems…

Imagine if you could login to your Creative Well portal and choose whichever course or programme was the best match for your current challenges…

And imagine if you also had access to coaching support from me, so you could get your unique questions answered…

All this and more is now available in the new Creative Well Monthly Membership.

You get The Works.

My full body of work.

All my labours of love.

Designed for you, to support you in creating your own labours of love.

And, the best bit? 

You can stay as long as you like!

Try it for a month and see if it’s your kind of creative happy.

Join for a few months, then take a break to implement all your breakthroughs.

Or stay for an entire year and see how it transforms your creative life.

The choice is yours.

The experience is yours, to craft and shape as suits your lifestyle, commitments, and goals.

My hope is that this Choose Your Own Creative Well Adventure will allow you to enjoy a new phase of flow and progress with the vision, dreams or projects that call your creative heart.

Would you like to know more?

I’ve created a new Info Page to share more details of how this new flexible option could be an answered prayer for you:

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Access all courses. Cancel anytime. 

Over to you…

If you feel that it’s time for a new level of focus on your creative passions, I hope you’ll take a look at the Membership I’ve created to help you bring to life the work that matters most to you.

If you’ve had any of my programmes on your radar, I think you’ll be very happy when you see what’s included. 

And I would LOVE to see you in the new Members Area.

Or if you have any questions, please ask away – I’m always happy to help you choose the right option for you.

Wishing you an inspired weekend and your perfect creative upgrades.

danielle raine creativity coach

PS I’ve been envisioning this kind of membership option for quite a while.

So, to celebrate bringing my vision to life, there’s a very special offer that will reward you and your creative dreams month after month after month…

You can find out more over on the Info Page.

(Look out for the Founder’s Rate.)


“Stay loyal to your creativity because it’s a gift.”


Ready for a new phase of flow & progress?

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