Falling in love… with goals? {A creative alternative to Valentine celebrations}

Traditional Valentine celebrations may focus on all things romance-related, but I’d love to propose a creative  alternative, inspired by an idea that recently set my heart aflutter…

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Love at first mention

On Sunday evening, I was watching a documentary on the power of positive emotions.

One of the featured guests mentioned, almost in a throwaway manner, the idea of goals you are in love with.

And this short phrase took my breath away.

Having had a mixed relationship with conventional goal-setting theory in the past, I was surprised how my heart skipped a beat when I heard this description.

It was a phrase I’d never heard before but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

And it reminded me of the latest object of my creative affection – the new vision that came knocking at the door of my mind as I woke on Saturday morning.

It’s an exciting new twist in my creative adventures that has taken pride of place in my heart – undoubtedly the candidate for the goal that I’m crazy in love with. ?

Like all great love affairs – I am completely smitten, absolutely beyond reason and logic, and deliriously excited about it.

And it’s just an idea!!

It’s still early in the relationship, so I’ll be sharing more details after we’ve got to know each other a little better.

But in the meantime, in the spirit of life-enhancing love affairs, I’m hoping I can inspire you to join me in an alternative celebration of the day by identifying a goal or vision that calls your heart…

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A creative alternative to Valentine celebrations

Over to you!

Is there an idea that you can completely fall in love with?

Do you have a long-held dream that you could choose to elevate in your life with some devoted TLC?

Or perhaps there’s a new flame that’s been catching your attention with flutters of excitement, potential and possibility?

And if none of your goals immediately spring to mind as candidates for a new head-over-heels devotion, can you give some thought to reconnecting with your heartfelt desires in ways that could spark some new creative dalliances?

How can you flirt with your passions and woo your creative spirit?

(If you’d like a little help, this free clarity course is designed to help you get back in touch with the desires of your heart, or this simple daily practice will help you tune back into your deepest passions.

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So, I hope this love-themed call to action inspires you to direct a little of your attention to your creative passions, with all the beauty, magic and delight that that particular romance promises.

And however you choose to celebrate the day, I wish you a wealth of your favourite loves,

danielle raine creativity coach writer designer
danielle raine creativity coach writer designer
PS In honour of the more traditional Valentine romance, I’d also LOVE to celebrate and acknowledge how grateful I am for the foundation of love provided by my wonderful husband and Valentine of 28 years (and counting).

Perhaps it’s because I’m so blessed with support that I’m so devoted to helping others enjoy that too?

Either way, I wish you the perfect partner and/or support system for your creative happily ever after.

• • • 

“Allow yourself to fearlessly investigate
what has been calling to you,
what has been attracting your attention.


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