A 5-Second Remedy for Anticipatory Anxiety (aka Wasted Worry)

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If you’ve ever worried about something that never happened…

In my mission to bring more peace and joy to creative hearts, today I have a quick question for you… 

What if you never worried about the things that will never happen?

Can you imagine how much mental and emotional breathing space that would free up?!

What might you create when you use your powerful imagination in support of what you do want (rather than what you don’t)?

Events in my family life this week got me thinking about what I call Wasted Worry, ie the pointless fretting over problems that never happen. 

While I was tempted to give in to a tailspin of anxious imaginings bordering on low-level panic, I managed to keep calm and carry on (thanks mainly to my beloved Hello Flow practices). 

And can you guess what happened?

The entire problem just disappeared! 

I’d spent days of fretting over what to do – and it turned out, I didn’t need to do anything at all. 

The issue resolved itself


Has that ever happened to you? 

If so, then today’s remedy is going to really help you. 

Because, I’ve noticed that the more I pay attention, the more I see this scenario playing out in all aspects of daily life, and it seems I’m not alone…

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A Remedy for Anticipatory Anxiety

My loving reminder from the universe inspired me to revisit the remedy for Wasted Worry that I stumbled upon in 2020, which helped me a LOT during that challenging year.

It’s a fast-acting tool for managing any type of anticipatory anxiety, ie where we get stuck in worry loops based on future imaginings.

And I felt called to share it with you because it can make such a difference to how we navigate the inevitable bumps on the creative path and life in general.

It certainly has a lovely positive effect on emotional calm and quality of life.

It’s also a reminder that…

Thriving is often more about clearing away what’s blocking our innate flow and abilities, rather than striving to be something we’re not.

This simple 5-second remedy is one of the most potent tools I currently use to clear space in my heart, mind and life for more of the good stuff that’s freely available.

If you’d like to give it a go yourself, you can find out more here.

It’s free!

And available 24/7. 

NOTE: Depending on your belief system or past experience with similar tools, you may need to adjust this to fit your worldview.

But I still recommend giving it a try – and there are tips for customising it over on the post, so that you can craft the most effective version for you.

And I’d LOVE to hear how you get on!

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PS This remedy is just one of many self-coaching techniques that I’ve gathered over my decades of studying and experimenting with the challenges of a creative life.

If you’d like to explore my favourite tools for clearing the way for flow, I dive deeper into their benefits for creative happiness and success here.



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