7 Days of Summer – Double Birthday Gifts Bonanza!

June 2024

The story of the 7 Days of Summer Double Gifting Bonanza…

Why I celebrate the Joy of Giving every June…

If you’ve been in my world for a while you may know that June is Double Birthday month in my family.

My children’s birthdays are only 7 days apart, so my early summer is always a frenzy of parties, presents and birthday fun.


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Each year, I like to share our celebration season and extend the double gifting theme to my lovely readers and subscribers.

And so, to celebrate both my boys as they approach a teen finale and a quarter-life milestone within a week of each other, I’d like to mark their birthday week with a little goodie-fest that I call…

 7 Days of Summer – Double Birthday Gifts Bonanza!! 

The fun kicks off on Friday 14th June, with my first Double Gift offer – if you have any literary aspirations or you could use some more inspiration in your life, you’ll enjoy what’s coming.

After that, I’m sharing new surprise gifts and 2-for-1 offers daily for the full 7 days of our Double Birthday Week.

And to make it even more exciting – each deal lasts until the next one lands!

I’m hoping this will be an inspiring opportunity for you to tune into whatever your creative spirit is most craving at the moment, as well as enjoying more of my creations and the delight of a great deal.

I can’t wait to share my Double Gifting Bonanza with you!

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PS If you’d like to see what I was up to around this time 24 years ago, here’s a snapshot of my main creative project way back in the Summer of 2000

How things change – that baby bump grew to 6’4″!!


“If we follow the thread that unfolds in front of us,

the path of heart, a greater plan reveals itself.”


Hi! I'm Danielle.

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14-21 JUNE 2024

7 Days of Summer – Double Birthday Gifting Bonanza!

Inspired by my week of double birthdays, this series is a 7-day celebration of special 2-for-1 offers, gifts and goodies for creatives.

If you’d like to receive updates for this Subscriber-Only gift series, you can join my newsletter here:

Spaciousness, inspiration & a preview of coming attractions...

In the spirit of delivering calm, spaciousness and empowered choices to what can sometimes be a frenzied online space, I'd like to gift you a preview of which offers will be coming up during this 7-day series.

While each offer will only be available for 24 hours after you receive your daily emails, this way you can at least browse the offers beforehand.

I hope this helps you to enjoy this gifting series with more breathing space and less FOMO. 🙂

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to ask away - I'm always here to help.

And if you're feeling called to more than one option, I invite you to tune in and trust completely that you'll make the perfect decision at the perfect time, for you.

Plus, if you pay attention - your muse will give you clues to help you choose! 


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Gift #1:

The Perfect for Writers option

A free copy of Message From Your Muse email course with every purchase of my writing memoir, From Wannabe To Writer.


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Gift #2:

A holistic approach + keeping the faith

A free copy of The Creative Faith Collection with every purchase of the Holistic Creativity Coaching Starter Kit.


Gift #3:

Virtual Retreats for Creatives

A free copy of Review & Renew mid year review virtual retreat with every purchase of The Muse Spa.


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midyear review renew retreat ipad bedcover
your creative dharma online career clarity course for creatives copy
hello flow laptop online creativity course studio copy

Gift #4:

Transformative Online Coaching Courses

A free copy of Hello Flow with every purchase of Your Creative Dharma.


Gift #5:

The Gift of Choice:
Online Creativity Courses

Choose a free copy of any course from Creative Well when you purchase my Email Coaching Beginner’s Guide. 


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Gift #6:

The All Access VIP Pass. Doubled.

Three ways to double the value of the Creative Well VIP All Access Pass.


Gift #7:

Double Diamond & Life By Design

An additional month of Your Creative Life By Design private coaching with your Creative Diamond enrollment.

Alternatively, you can choose from any of my month-long coaching programmes, such as;

• StoryWell
• Write That Book
• Email Coaching Mentorship
• Quietly Unstoppable
• The Creative Arts of Believing & Receiving
or the Creative Mentorship intensive


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