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Kick-start some soul-soothing progress with the creative project that matters to you.


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Do you have a particular creative project that’s calling you?

One that you yearn to get going with, that you’d love to give more attention.

And yet…

It’s just not happening.

Days get busy. Life gets in the way.

And somehow there’s never enough time, or the right time, or the right frame of mind to get going with it.

Getting started is tough!

It’s one of the three major challenges of any creative endeavour.

(The other two being; Keeping going & finishing. 😉 )

So, I’ve created a simple service to help you spend some quality time with your creative heart’s desire…

7-Day Kick-Start

• 7 days of 1:1 support, encouragement and guidance – via email.

• • •

• One full week of my daily attention, dedicated to your project.

• • • 

• 7 consecutive workdays + Implementation Weekend

• • • 

spectrum of creative stuckness danielle raine crop3For a whole week, I’ll be checking in daily; helping you find more soul-soothing clarity and craft a do-able plan for your project.

Because a week of daily focus and attention can spark powerful and inspiring results.

You can build momentum.

You can get clear and organised.

You can actually get going.


That project is calling you for a reason – and it will feel so good when you make finally room for it in your life.

So if this sounds perfect for the project that’s been tugging at your soul, you can book your 7 days of support here.

And I look forward to supporting your brilliant and delicate creative spark every day for an entire week.


7 days of dedicated focus and expert guidance – tailored to you and your life right now.


1  Click the ENROLL NOW button to sign up and receive your welcome materials.

2  Complete your questionnaire – let me know what you want to kick-start!

3  I get in touch to arrange our 7 days together.

4  We check in every day via email for 7 consecutive workdays to create lots of soul-soothing clarity and inspiring momentum for your project.

5  You’re clear, inspired, energised and back in the flow with your project.

If you’d like more details – how it works, when we start, what results you can expect, etc… – please get in touch.
I’d be happy to share more about the power and magic of daily focus and support.


… because happy creatives are good for the planet. 

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