7 Creative Benefits of Spring Cleaning

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Creativity & housework…?

As a creative person, you can probably think of a million things you’d rather do than spring cleaning.

After all, there are no long-lasting effects that will support your creative work… are there?

You may be surprised, and hopefully inspired, to discover that taking the time to give your home some TLC can boost and enhance your energy, confidence and creative life in a number of ways.

Allow me to share…

7 creative benefits of spring cleaning


The state of your home affects your energy, and your energy affects your creativity.

Your energy levels and rhythms play an enormous role in how creative you feel and how productive you are.

So a well-kept, energising home can help to support your creativity, your output and your enjoyment of the process.


Clean, tidy, orderly homes are conducive to good health.

So keeping your home well helps to keep you well.

And if you have any kind of creative ambitions, health and wellness are powerful allies.

Also, when you’re on top of your domestic duties, you eliminate unhealthy negative emotions that can drain creative resources, such as the stress, guilt or frustration that can creep in when those tasks are left undone.

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{ Expect double benefits when you spring clean your creative cave! }


Living in chaos and mess can be very time-consuming!

When you take good care of your home, it can help you to live more efficiently, freeing up more time for your beloved creative pursuits.

Even though it takes time to look after your home, it’s an investment that will reap dividends for your creativity – as well as many other aspects of your life.


How you feel about your home – and how you feel about the way you take care of your home – can either help or harm your self-esteem in subtle but powerful ways.

When your home is clean, orderly and beautiful, you feel good about yourself.

Seeing yourself as a competent, capable person reinforces a confident self-image that can serve you well in your creative endeavours.

A healthy self-esteem will naturally enhance your work and creative projects at every level.


A neglected home gives rise to numerous mishaps and annoying problems that demand your time and attention.

By regularly caring for your home, you reduce those day-to-day hiccups, leaving you free to devote your resources to more creative pursuits.

Life just seems to flow more smoothly when you’re in control of your environment and on top of your responsibilities.

And this sense of ease is not only magnetic to inspiration, it’s also a pleasant way to live.

“Decluttering invites inspiration. 

Discarding the old and unworkable,
we make way for the new and suitable.”



Taking good care of your home can inspire uplifting feelings of appreciation and contentment – when you love where you live, you feel happy.

These are powerfully positive mindsets, and science is increasingly proving that happiness and positivity make us more creative.

So nurturing your home supports your happiness which supports your creative adventures.

With the added side-effect that you’re… happy!

• • • 

Feng Shui

Any feng shui expert will tell you that the state of your home affects your creativity.

But you don’t need a Bagua or compass to begin to harness these powers.

The first and simplest step to improve the feng shui of any home is to declutter, clean and tidy, i.e., spring cleaning.

Even the most basic spring clean can lead to beneficial improvements to your creativity.

And because you’re an integrated, holistic being, whichever area you improve will have beneficial effects on all the other aspects of you that support your creative self.

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So, if you could use some motivation for your spring cleaning (at any time of year), hopefully these creative benefits will inspire you to give your home some loving attention.

And if (like me) you’re not naturally domestic, I hope that these ideas will help you see your home in a new, more positive light – not as an enemy to your creative goals, but as a potential partner in your health, happiness and creative success.

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PS If you could use a little more inspiration for your Spring Cleaning, this bestselling Survival Guide comes highly recommended… 😉 

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