Get back into flow.

WELCOME TO 1-2-3…go!

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A month of creative support to guide you back to your flow.

The creative process can be a bit like a river…

On the good days, it’s flowing effortlessly in the right direction.

Other days it’s more of a gentle trickle – progress may be slow but at least it’s steady.

Then – for all of us – there are the times when things get stuck.

No flow. No trickle. No progress.

• • •

But there’s good news…

Very often all you need to get the creativity flowing again is a little guidance, encouragement, support or inspiration.

And then you’re good to go!

You feel clear. You know what to do.

You feel confident. You’re excited to do the work.

You feel inspired. You’re bursting with ideas and the energy to explore them.

1-2-3…go! is a month-long email coaching service.

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Designed to guide you back to your innate clarity, confidence & inspiration.


How does it work?

1 Assess. We spend some quality time assessing where you are and where you want to go.

2 Progress. We work together, using simple, do-able steps and prompts to get your creative process moving again.

3 Plan. After a few weeks of support and working through the initial blocks or challenges, we create a plan you feel inspired to implement on your own.

Then it’s back over to you!

After our month together, you get back to what you do best, with a new sense of soul-soothing clarity and a renewed energy for your work.

You’re back in your flow.


A single, powerful month of creativity coaching by email.

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Unlimited email access to:

expert support

clear guidance

inspiring encouragement


Get back into flow.

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