If your creative spark has lost its sparkle… 

If life is more crazy busy than creative bliss…

If you’re craving more pleasure, purpose and play…

Or even if your life is perfect on paper, and yet – something is missing…

lotus small

This is for you.



A virtual retreat for creatives, with a focus on health & wellbeing.

There is a way to live where you have time for your creative pleasures.

(Your muse will even help you find it.)

• • • 

There is a way to move through life, supported and inspired by a benevolent magic.

• • • 

There is a way to be, where you feel confident, peaceful and in touch with your true, powerful, brilliantly creative nature.

• • •

This is inspired living – brought to you by The Muse Spa.

• • • 

Follow your bliss.

It knows the way.

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