#13 in my Tonics for Your Creative Spirit email series: Sue Frederick


Are you looking forward to another Beautiful & Inspiring Creativity Quote?

C’est ici! 

(I’ve recently been to France and can’t resist using the few phrases I managed to master.)

In fact my Parisian travels provide the photograph for this week’s quote…

 creativity quotes sue frederick


Dreaming of a trip to Paris was the first step of my journey there. 
And the iconic Eiffel Tower began life as the bold dream of a pioneering architect. 
If you look around, much of what we see originated in the mind of a dreamer, a visionary, an imagineer. 
As wistful and unlikely as dreams may seem, they can, and very often do, transform into reality. 
This idea, and the quote above, are a core strategy in my current read; 
 I see your dream job by sue frederick

I See Your Dream Job

by Sue Frederick


In the book, Sue explains how our hopes and dreams can not only shape our reality, but also guide us to our life path and true purpose – the work we are here to do.

Using Sue’s Numerology techniques and her Six Step System, we can uncover our passions and talents and wisdom, and then use these insights to craft our most successful, rewarding and enjoyable career.

The creative life can often feel like a trade-off between satisfying work and financial viability. But Sue claims that when we’re on the right path, work is both a joy and a success.

So if your dream is a career of lucrative creativity, I heartily recommend Sue’s book.

After all…

twitter aqua

Life itself is a creative act

– we might as well create as dreamy a reality as possible.



À bientôt!



PS. If you’re interested in numerology, my numbers add up to Life Path 9 – humanitarian, service-oriented, artistically inclined and intrigued by mysticism – which is a curiously accurate description of my work these days. Must be something in those magic numbers!

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